From the Office of Dr. Cheryl Budd and Dr. Robert Prior

After 25 years of serving the periodontal, implant and endodontic needs of the community, it is time for us to retire. This was a difficult decision, accelerated by the unexpected viral pandemic.

We are very fortunate to have practiced dentistry in a community that supports our efforts so greatly. We have enjoyed your friendship and your commitment to oral health over the years. It has been our pleasure to work with you, your family and colleagues. We thank you for that privilege.

Our office has been closed, unable to see patients or have staff on duty since March. Our office will be permanently closing on June 30, 2020, with limited phone coverage until July 10, 2020.

Your dentist of record will be notified and will be directing you to a different specialist for your periodontal and endodontic needs. If you need continuing endodontic or periodontic care, your regular dentist is in an ideal position to refer you to a provider that he or she is comfortable with. Your dentist is in a good position to find someone who will suit your oral health needs.

If you are in the process of implant or periodontal treatment that requires extra input from Dr. Prior, you or your dentist may contact our office by email: [email protected] . Please allow 7- 10 business days for a response, as we know there will most likely be an influx of inquiries. We solicit and appreciate your patience and understanding during this transitional period.

Copies of your personal clinical records can be transferred to your new specialist (Periodontist or Endodontist) provider with your permission and request.  Please complete a records release form, sign and email to [email protected]  or regular mail. This form can be provided to you by your general dentist or downloaded from our website: www. baydentalgroupllc.com.

If you desire to have a personal copy of your clinical records, you may make a written request using the records release form. Responses will be more rapid before July 10, 2020. That copy will be subject to a processing fee, as allowed by law.

Please address questions to our administrative staff by email at: [email protected].

After the closing date, all inquiries about records or other matters should be directed solely to [email protected] . Again, thank you for having been a part of this practice. We will miss you all, and wish you the best of health!


Dr. Robert Prior and Dr. Cheryl Budd