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The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners is working with the National Association of Counties (NACo) to offer a dental discount card, making dental care more affordable for residents.

The NACo Dental Discount Card allows families to save money on dental care, orthodontic treatment and other dental care services through a network of participating private practice dentists. Only dentists who participate in Careington and Aetna managed care plans participate in the NACo Dental Discount Program.

Enrolling in the program costs $6.95 a month or $59 a year for an individual; and $8.95 a month or $69 a year for a family. The program offers discounts of up to 50 percent on dental procedures including routine oral exams, unlimited cleanings and major work like dentures, root canals and crowns. Since the program is not insurance, anyone can join and there is no limit on use. There are also no age or income restrictions.

Prince Frederick resident John Sasiadek is the first Calvert County resident to sign up for the discount card and said he is excited about the money he expects to save by using it. The 71-year-old said he was previously using another discount program to help with his dental bills, but the NACo program will save him an additional 38 percent.

Sasiadek said he and his wife spent about $2,000 each in the last year on dental care and he expects that the new discount program will save them about $400 in the next year.

“It pays a little more and it costs a little less” than his previous discount program, Sasiadek said. “I’m just tickled to death with it.”

Some dentists do not contract with Careington and Aetna. To confirm whether a particular dentist is participating, check the list of eligible dentists on the NACo website at www.naco.org or ask your dentist.

If you use a dentist in another county, you can also check whether he or she participates through the same link. If you don’t currently have a dentist, the link will provide you with the names of at least five participating dentists closest to your ZIP code.

More information about the NACo Dental Discount Card Program is available at www.nacodentalprogram.com. Call (877) 354-NACo and mention marketing code “NACo” to take advantage of special rates.


Taken from the Chesapeake Current, Thursday November 28, 2013 

December 16, 2013
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Holiday Hours starting December 23:

*Dr. Budd & Dr. Prior will be out of the office December 23-January 1

  • December 23-January first= We will have staff to be able to schedule appointments 8:00-4:30PM
  • Office open 8-12: Friday December 20 & Tuesday December 24
  • December 16-20:

Monday: Doctors in Lexington Park office 8-4:30pm
Tuesday: Dr. Budd(PF)8-4:30pm
Dr. Prior(LP)8-4:30pm
Wednesday: Doctors off, phones available to schedule
Thursday:Dr. Budd(LP)8-4:30pm
Dr. Prior(PF)8-4:30pm
Friday: Doctors in Lexington Park office 8-12:00

Call to schedule your appointment!! 301-862-3227

December 04, 2013
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Did you know?

Experts report on which candies are the worst for causing cavities:

Anything that does not dissolve quickly such as hard candy (Jolly Ranchers, Lollipops, hard peppermints) should be avoided. The next worse candy: Sticky sweets like caramels, taffy, and gummis.

“Choose candy that melts and disappears quickly,” Said Dr. Katina Spadoni, dental director for Delta Dental of Illinois. “The Longer teeth are exposed to sugar, the longer bacteria can feed on it, which could produce cavity-causing acid.”

And the least destructive candy is: chocolate!

Why? Because it dissolves quickly. Of course, all candy is bad for teeth.

“It’s extremely important kids brush their teeth or at least rinse with water after eating sweets,” cautions Dr. Spadoni.

Of holiday candy choices, chocolate candy is both the least destructive, and it is, in fact, the most-consumed Halloween candy. About 86% of kids consume a bar or two. Chewy candy comes in second. And 57% of kids enjoy eating taffy and gummies.

Keep those tooth brushes working!!!