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A Word About Teeth Grinding

Studies on grinding range all over the map. Some studies report that 10% of the population grinds their teeth, while other studies report that 50% of the population grinds their teeth.

The dental term for grinding one's teeth is called bruxism.

For most of us, it can be one of the ways that the body manifests or eliminates stress. This excessive stress on the teeth can cause severe tooth fractures, and sometimes causes the loss of teeth. In addition to toothaches, it can also cause headaches, jaw aches, and facial muscle aches.

Professionally-made mouth guards are the best insurance to protect your teeth from fractures caused by teeth grinding. It is important that your mouthguard is custom-made for you. That is why store-bought ones offer little protection from tooth destruction when the grinding habit is present.

Meditation, yoga, and other stress-reducing behaviors have been reported to get the grinding problem under control, in addition to wearing a nightguard during the hours you sleep.