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Type 2 Diabetes and Implants

A study published in December 2014 has promising findings on the success of implants placed in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. This controlled study had a year-long follow-up period for diabetic patients who had no teeth, but needed implants to support a denture appliance.

The study compared people who did not have diabetes, but needed denture-supported implants, with Type 2 diabetics whose blood sugar were well controlled. Overall, all 3 groups of people needing denture-supported implants in the study had excellent implants success after one year. The one main difference is that patients with poorly controlled blood sugar took longer for the implants to stabilize due to alterations in the early stages of bone healing.

These findings suggest that Type 2 diabetics can enjoy successful implants for the long term, especially when the blood sugar levels are well-controlled. More studies with longer term follow-up are in the works!