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When will my baby's teeth come in?

Teeth begin forming in your baby even before birth. Here is when you can expect to begin seeing them:

  • Central incisor (front two upper and bottom teeth): 6-12 months
  • Lateral incisor (the two teeth flanking the upper and bottom front two teeth): 9-16 months
  • Canines (pointy teeth in the upper jaw): 16-23 months
  • First molars (upper and bottom back teeth): 13-19 months
  • Second molars (upper and bottom back teeth): 22-33 months

All 20 primary teeth — also called baby teeth — are present in the jawbones at birth. The lower two front teeth are usually the first to erupt. This most often occurs somewhere around 6 months after birth. Do not be concerned if your baby is a little late. The numbers here are only an average. By age 3, all 20 primary teeth should be present.  


Dental Health
By Francisco
March 18, 2014
Definitely a very good information. Knowing is safe, know what happens in our bodies makes us not be surprised to natural changes and we go to specialists when they do not happen. Regards from Tot Dental