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Dr. Cheryl Budd, Endodontist

"Dr. Budd is an excellent, caring, wise, and amazingly skilled endodontist! I not only received care that is beyond outstanding and better than my best imagination, but after my visit, I left feeling very positive, grateful, and cared for with heart. I was referred for a root canal evaluation. On my first visit, Dr. Budd and her team made me feel extremely welcomed and comfortable. She explained everything that would be done and why, then took several assessments and tests to verify if the root canal was needed, and indeed it was. On my next visit, Dr. Budd again explained what they would be doing. She and her staff prepared me well for a successful experience, even giving me a pillow for extra comfort. I could not believe it - I never felt ANY pain! Even when I was being given local anesthetic! I was alert and awake the entire time, and never felt even a tinge of pain. Dr. Budd advised me on taking OTC pain Rx after the surgery, but I never needed it. Then - that evening - I accidentally heard and felt a POP when I was eating; I was talking with friends while eating and had unconsciously chewed on that side when I was not supposed to. I went to my local dentist the next morning for a quick look, and they thought I might have damaged it to where the tooth would have to be pulled. Then I called Dr. Budd; she asked me if I would come in the next morning so she could take a look, and she worked me into her full schedule. She took a look at my tooth, assessed the problem, and immediately, skillfully, and gently removed the broken fillings, put new ones in - again with NO PAIN - and gave me hope and an excellent prognosis that the tooth would be fine. Dr. Budd not only takes care 'of' people, but she cares 'for' people. She connects with and educates her patients. I am so very grateful and would highly recommend Dr. Budd and her team with the highest level of confidence, respect, and gratitude!!!"

"Surprisingly pleasant. Was talked through every portion of the procedure removing the fear from the procedure. Best dental visit I've had."

"I can't say enough about the excellent care I received from Bay Dental. Dr. Budd did a thorough evaluation and provided the best treatment to send me on my way pain-free. Dr. Budd and her staff are great!"

"The dental dams are textured so they don't feel slimy and were put on easily with the first try. The dentist didn't use my lips for a resting place or leverage on the tools even when working on the back teeth. She also gave plenty of time for the topical to numb before giving the shots. She explains all processes thoroughly so you fully understand what's being done. I was overall impressed with the dental work done by Dr. Budd. Very gentle and easy to work with. If I have further dental work done, I will come back. Thanks!"

"I had the best experience here at Bay Dental. They were very nice, thorough, and informative with my experience. They made sure I was doing okay and my root canal was as painless as possible. Next time I have a dental appointment, I'm coming back here."

Dr. Robert Prior, Periodontist


"To begin with, when I first approached the front desk, I was totally amazed at the warm and pleasant smile I received from the Receptionist showing me a desire to assist me. I felt right at home as I had come to the office with fear and trembling simply of the word "Dentist." While she took my info, we were able to visit briefly and pleasantly. Any areas I questioned, she quickly without delay helped me out and I found myself beginning to relax as we visited with pleasantries. Now, my wait was short and I began to feel at ease...I then was called in by another very friendly and smiling face to see the technician and Dr. Prior, oh what an amazing incident that was...very pleasant and was reassured the tech and Dr. Prior would treat me with gentleness and for certain that is exactly what I witnessed. He also explained procedures to me that I did not make inquiry about. I am most pleased and will continue to be a patient at Bay Dental Group, L.L.C. when necessary."